Monday, May 17, 2004

My very first blog entry

Though I've changed the content in this entry, this is proof of my very first blog entry.


Tim said...

if you do the spiritual journal - know that peoples comments may hurt, I have commented on stuff b4 and got responses that I wasn't expecting. the good thing about it God will grow you through it and you will learn how different people perceive what you say/believe. If you want I could fwd u an email I got from someone after one of my posts, it took a lot of prayer/talking with others to figure out my reply. I haven't heard from her since which hurts too.

Anonymous said...

I imed you on yahoo...I hope you see it. I tried to email you by using the link on your site, but it didn't work for some reason. So, yes please email me to the address I left in the im. It could be an offline im that you may get next time you log on to Yahoo messenger.

Thanks again!